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Valley of Fire State Park - Overton, NV

Dear Travel Diary,

This is one of the most breathtaking parks I have ever visited.

I've seen the Badlands in South Dakota. I've explored the Garden of the Gods in Colorado. And though both of these sites are beautiful in their own right, neither stopped me dead in my tracks like Valley of Fire.

We stopped at golden hour. The park lived up to its name.

Mountain man

I was on a mission to see wildlife in this park. I saw a bighorn sheep - never saw a turtle though, and THANK GOD we never saw a rattlesnake!

I appreciated the many airplane contrails visible above the rock formations.

This sunset. I'm speechless.

See what I mean about the park living up to its name?! The sunset seemed to light the rocks on fire. It was positively brilliant.

My favorite thing to do is to bypass posted signage in pursuit of a pretty picture.

If you ever find yourself in Las Vegas, do not hesitate to venture off the Strip. You never know what gems you'll discover along the way.

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