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In the details: Madelyn's dress

Dear Diary,
When Madelyn served as a flower girl for her aunt's wedding, I had her dress refashioned in order to discreetly accommodate her insulin pump. A zipper was replaced with delicate buttons, and a deep pocket was created to hold her pump and receiver. It all turned out so good!

Colorado is always a good idea.


Dear Travel Diary,

Inspired by a graduation announcement and finalized with a well-timed EFF IT, we boarded an outbound flight to Colorado for the weekend.

The reason was a good one - to celebrate a relative's college graduation and her accomplishments. And what's even more exciting, is that she will be relocating to the Land of 10,000 Lakes this summer!

The hours were jam-packed with activity, documented through the lens of my iPhone 6 Plus because it all went by so fast. The photographs speak for themselves though. Observe - 

(Denver skyline)

My first visit came in December 2003, where I learned to ski at Copper Mtn. (Truth be told, learning to ski in the Rockies was a bucket list level of achievement, even though my skill is nothing to write home about.) We honeymooned in Breckenridge in January 2006. With family here, we're often called back for the best reasons and it is always a blast.