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How I See The City of Chicago

Dear Diary,
This past weekend, I had the opportunity to take a walking tour around downtown Chicago. 

Spring has blossomed in the city.

The iconic Chicago Theater ...

Opened in 1921, The Chicago Theater was the first large, lavish movie parlor in America and soon became the prototype for those that followed. I did not venture inside, but if the interior is anything like the grandeur of its exterior, then I'm convinced it's left its visitors breathless.

Can you imagine how many movies were set in this city? While You Were Sleeping, The Blues Brothers ... I mean, there are so many recognizable places around Chicago that were the backdrops for many a movie scene.

I had to Google who Father John Misty was - he's a folk singer.

I watched one of the bridges across the River rise to accommodate a passing Schooner. It was cool!

Here's my takeaway - Chicago is the third largest city in America, yet seems to maintain more of a "hometown" feel than New York City. I suppose that's because Midwestern values of hospitality are the norm. I appreciated the fact that the city's history stood proud alongside the mirrored, contemporary skyscrapers that propel its skyline into the current era.

I hate it when cities tear down their longstanding buildings to make room for parking lots, etc.

You can kind of see this delightful mix in the photo above. The ornate architecture shines just as bright as the contemporary glass-paneled buildings.

Street view at night ...

I love a sparkling skyline. However, I'm pretty biased in that I feel Minneapolis is the most photogenic ...

We were in town for my SIL's wedding at Trump Tower. I didn't take many pictures at the event (they requested their guests be unplugged, which I thought was a great idea).

You just don't see craftsmanship like this anymore. I sure hope there are others that appreciate it as much as I do.

Even so, Chicago - thank you for serving as host to a lovely weekend.