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Centennial Olympic Park - Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Travel Diary,

Atlanta hosted the 1996 Summer Olympic Games, and part of the infrastructure included a 21-acre public park. Now it hosts a popular summer music series, Fourth of July fireworks display, and of course, communal gathering area in the heart of the city proper.

Unfortunately, the celebrations were marred by the July 27 bombing that killed 2 people and injured 111 others. A tornado tore through Atlanta in 2008, and the park sustained minor damage. The public space obviously has quite the story to tell.

We walked through. Nick and I were 13 years old when the Olympics took place here, and we recall watching the news reports regarding the bombing. It was immediately following that incident that metal detectors and bag searches were required for security purposes at all sporting events.

It was also a detail that we omitted from our discussion with the kids.

Overlooking the park is a giant ferris wheel known as Skyview Atlanta, which we rode to see above the towering skyline to the surrounding area. I shot this image of the Olympic rings as we approached the top.

It's kind of cool to consider this park a catalyst for the urban development and improvement of Atlanta. There were numerous attractions and areas to explore, but with our limited time, we had to pick and choose. I'm sure we will make return visits in the future.

If you go:
265 Park Ave W NW, Atlanta
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