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I chase stories.

After a childhood spent with my nose in a book, I was motivated to chase stories and share them with the world. It inspired my studies and eventual college degree, which lead to my first job in print journalism at the same time the Internet jeopardized my plan in 2008.

I had to pivot to telling stories on my blog and social media while raising two children.

I chase that cozy feeling when you're wrapped in a warm blanket and a thick sweater while a fire crackles in the fireplace, and a fresh mug of hot coffee steams beside you. I chase that sense of enchantment as you hold a new book in your hands, and the plot unfolds in your imagination with each passing word. I chase the cliffhanger. The scare. The surprise. The mystery. I chase my curiosities.

Inspiration comes from my travels and explorations. What stories can these places share? What stories will make this forgotten, abandoned site come back to life? How can the past be brought to the present by telling the tale of a local legend? And most of all, is it haunted?

In my pursuit, I experienced things I cannot explain. What started as a goal to collect stories to share became an outlet to make sense of what I cannot make sense of. I have the night lights to prove it.

And so, join me here, the culmination of my search. You'll soon discover what I learned to be true - that things aren't what they seem.

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