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The Midwesterner

Meet Brianne
I was born and raised in the Midwest with roots in Milwaukee. When I was 19, I found my wings and flew to Iowa to finish college before settling down in the Twin Cities to raise a family.

I have a degree in journalism, and started my career as a staff writer and photographer. From there it's evolved into a position within the healthcare industry but my blog fulfills my creative curiosities.

In the pursuit of always living life to its fullest, you will likely find me onstage with the band. I am heavily-caffeinated, highly-opinionated and always receptive to a healthy pour from a bottle of red wine. I've been getting reacquainted with my DSLR again, and I finally got my first passport stamp last summer!

It will most certainly not be my last.

About the Blog
I started The Midwesterner as a knee-jerk reaction to a text message asking "what have we been up to lately?"

While some say my role as a full-time working mother of two and wife to a pilot is an adventure in itself, I still hunger for more.

I write about life in the Twin Cities, perfectly balanced between a job in the city and a home in the country. This blog has seen me through the good times and the hard times, serving as a record of my life and a reason to get out to explore.

I hope I inspire you to do the same.

Policies and Disclosure
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