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Pinkie the Elephant - DeForest, WI

Dear Diary,
Driving I-94 from the Twin Cities through Madison and continuing on to Chicago takes 6 long hours. The drive is monotonous and tedious.

But then, rising above the pavement and farm fields, something surprising: Pinkie the Elephant.

Pinkie stood proud at this gas station since the late-1960s, when the owner sought a way to make his gas station stand out from his competition. It endures as a roadside attraction and a local landmark.

Her draw continues to be successful as well - it worked on us, choosing this slightly more expensive Shell gas station for this photo-op and fill-up!

This pink elephant, along with others, were produced by Sculptured Advertising in Sparta, WI.

Pinkie was first produced in 1963 and installed in front of the Pink Elephant Supper Club in Marquette, Iowa, and upon her move here, remains one of the last in the area. Only after Pinkie was installed at this gas station did she receive her cool, Buddy Holly-style glasses.

Other elephant statues can be found at car washes, antique malls and car dealerships in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Tennessee.

The gas station sells Pinkie merchandise (we were satisfied with pictures) and works to keep the statue clean. Unfortunately, she's a sometimes target for graffiti.

You never know what you'll find on the side of the road, but discovering new things is always worth it - like pink elephants!

Shell Gas Station
4995 County Road V
DeFortest, WI 53532-1966