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The Delafield Hotel – Delafield, WI

Dear Travel Diary,

Before we enter this delightful boutique hotel, I must first introduce you to the City of Delafield.

Considered a suburb of Milwaukee yet located in Waukesha County, this riverside town of less than 10,000 carries an old-world charm that is typically characteristic of Europe. The historic downtown, the charming shops and wineries – it all creates this escape that makes you feel like you’re much further from a major city than you really are.

Truthfully, when we lived in Hartland, we did ourselves a great disservice by leaving Delafield largely unexplored.

But in the dialogue that motivates us all to “live life to its fullest,” The Delafield Hotel speaks for itself.

Immediately upon crossing its threshold, I was wrapped in this beautiful blend of contemporary-meets-eclectic styling. Though the color scheme was dark, the atmosphere was warm. I couldn’t resist opening the camera on my phone and snapping away. I was inspired by it all.

The environment is sophisticated. I wanted to put on a dress and order a glass of Malbec in the hotel’s bar, then sit on the strategically-placed tufted benches in the corner. I was isolated from the crowd yet present in the companionship of those I was with.

And yet, I was completely relaxed. Though I had the aid of the Malbec I sipped, I was asleep before my head hit the pillow of the bed in one of the hotel’s 38 guest suites.

If you wish to go, start with the hotel’s Web site.

Then, arrive and enjoy a drink at i.d. Bar, which is onsite.

But it isn’t until you retreat to your room that you’ll understand why it’s described as one of “the ultimate Wisconsin luxury hotel accommodations.”

The bathroom fixtures are all Kohler, another Wisconsin-based icon.

My brother, mother, sister and I - my siblings and I were raised by just her, and it was wonderful to experience The Delafield Hotel with her. And see what I mean about that Malbec? Relaxed and sophisticated, just like the hotel ...

Cheers, friends!

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