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Through the Airplane Window

Dear Travel Diary,
We're back with more #photoginflight cloudscapes and views from above! I flew MSP-LAS on Saturday afternoon (Nick met me later that evening) and I scored an upgrade to Delta Comfort. My seat and experience lived up to the name of the cabin. And since I had a window seat, I ignored the questioning glances of my fellow passengers to snap these pictures -

Departing a snowy MSP ...
The cotton candy-colored sunsets seen from an airplane are incredible.
Not sure what state we were flying over when this came into view, but I was struck by the color and texture of this landscape.

Touchdown at LAS - see the Strip in the background? The gentleman seated beside me finally commented on my picture-taking and asked if it was my first time to Vegas.

I admitted that it was.

Stay tuned for my Las Vegas recap!

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  1. Yay for Delta Comfort and airplane pictures!! I never understand why people judge that! It's such a great way to have a different perspective!! I'm with you on the gorgeous skies! I love them!