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Sunset View From 18D

Dear Travel Diary,
I watched the moon rise as night fell somewhere over the East Coast as we flew into Newark. It was just a pit stop until it was time to try for seats on an airplane bound for Europe.

I know I have barely begun to scratch the surface, but when one aspires to travel the world - the most important thing to do is start. I am curious to see how 5 days in a Scandinavian country, at a time when the sun never sets, will change me. Will it alter my perspective in any way shape or form, and influence how I move forward? I am eager to find out. And this trip is my first outside of the U.S. (okay, that is a lie - I did spend a few days in Canada 8 years ago but the cranky border guard didn't stamp my passport) so my eyes are open, my mind seeks and my camera is ready.

Finally, to the woman beside me in Row 18, who silently observed me photograph these sunset scenes - I will not apologize for my own excitement, even if it seemed awkward to press the lens of my iPhone 6Plus against the dirty airplane window. The view beyond was beautiful.

P.S. The look she gave my husband when he sauntered to my seat from the fifth row and asked for my passport was PRICELESS - sorry miss, he's not a Federal Air Marshal just a goofball booking our next flight from the air ...

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