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Scenes of Sweden

Dear Travel Diary,

What began at 5:30 p.m. Minneapolis time has culminated in a whirlwind travel adventure across the Atlantic, touched down in one American city (Newark) and two European ones (Copenhagen and Kalmar), and 24 hours later - we dropped off our bags at the First Hotel Witt in Kalmar, Sweden.

So it would make sense to collapse into that bed, correct? NO. Instead, we force ourselves to stay awake, seeking the most caffeinated beverage sold in the city (triple shot espresso THANK YOU) to help us keep up with the local time. That is the secret to winning the fight against jet lag. Until I had my coffee, I could have sworn 'tired' was an emotion - I felt that shit deep in my soul.

The city of Kalmar has quite the historical account to tell amongst its modern city planning. Cobblestone streets and brick pavers still compose the majority of the roads and sidewalks. The city is located on the Baltic Sea, so a stone flood wall constructed in the 1600s still reports for duty. There are ancient cannons still poised, and though one hasn't been shot for centuries, their presence tells a unique story. This scene predates the treaty signed in Medieval times by the Scandinavian countries to maintain peace amongst them.

 These photos were taken at 10 p.m.

There is a castle built in the 13th century, and today, parts of the old jail have been converted into the glass-blowing studios that create Sweden's famous glass. I was in awe as I walked in the footsteps of Scandinavian history.

 Kalmar Castle

My final sentiment? There aren't enough hours in a day, days in a week, months in a year nor years in a lifetime to fully appreciate all this world has to teach. I do feel I received the essence of this portion of Sweden - a lovely summary described in the hundreds of photographs I brought home with me. These images trigger so many memories I'm so honored to have.

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