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Midsummer Celebrations

Dear Travel Diary,

Midsummer is one of the biggest holidays in Sweden, and the anticipation alone was unlike anything I've previously experienced.

{Some people like the taste of Schnapps more than others, lol}

The entire country observes the holiday, retreating to either the family's summer house on the sea, a campground, or simply their homestead. A traditional meal is served (herring), a song of toast is sung with each round of Schnapps, and the girls wear floral wreaths. Considered a fertility holiday, the belief is that when a girl collects 7 varieties of wild flowers and sleeps with them beneath her pillow, she will dream of her future husband.

 {Driving on E22 to the seaside town of Rafshagen}

 {The beautiful Baltic Sea}

 {He wanted to touch it.}

A Midsummer pole is constructed and danced around.

{Driving back to Kalmar after a fun day - these are the speed limit signs. 110km is about 55 mph.}

But most of all, the holiday is a time to be together. It was a lot of fun to experience and the location of our celebrations beside the Baltic Sea was beyond compare.

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