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Dear Diary,

This past weekend, we spent a few hours at the Delta Block Party, held at the headquarters of its regional carrier, Endeavor. Immediately, I endeavored to own a similar grill as the own shown above! It was a hot day (90*) but we managed to carve out some fun.

Like that moment, when he realized his son (65 mph) threw a faster pitch than he (58 mph).

Then, we shot hoops for prizes ...


Landen showed off his throwing arm in front of Vikings staff members, but avoided the nearby cheerleaders.

We were literally melting in the heat - the Upper Midwest can handle snow storms, but throw down some heat and we board the struggle bus. I'm a self-professed lover of summer and sunshine, but even I will admit 90* is no joke.

Next up, miniature golf - Maddie needs to work on her form, but she did well for her first time!

We tried out the fun activities at the St. Paul Saints booth.

And found some shade near the stage, but the music took hold of Madelyn - she must dance!

Heart-to-heart ...

As I previously posted on my Facebook page, Madelyn gave Leo a run for his money ...

It was a fun day!

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