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Thoughts On An Airplane

Y’all, I have been filling notebook upon notebook with an idea, plot line, character name, dialogue or train of thought for years.

My husband teases me each time I purchase one. “Oh, another notebook?” He asks.

I have an entire storage box full of them. I still have my journals from middle school, the blank books from college that I’ve filled, the binders I used as I planned my wedding before Pinterest existed.

I have an entire blog full of thoughts that I’ve managed to turn into something more coherent.

I’ve had the honor of writing for an e-commerce site.

I’ve had the privilege of being paid to write for a weekly newspaper and an advertorial. I’ve won journalism awards, networked with those I’ve admired, conversed with those I’ve looked up to, and bounced ideas off those who’ve founded multi-million dollar companies on a cocktail napkin.

And to the latter, I call bullshit.

Because on my 5-hour flight (thanks to time zones) from Las Vegas to Minneapolis, as I was seated in Economy Comfort, I tried sketching out my 5-year plan on a Delta napkin.

Either I’m a total dork, or I just don’t think like most.

How much planning is necessary?

Especially considering what they say about the best laid plans.

What’s funny is, I’ve tucked that Delta napkin into one of my notebooks. There’s nothing special about it. It says “2022” underlined with an open bullet waiting for the first entry in the outline.

I think this is where I ought to let life step in.

I’ve had “publish a novel” and “improve my photography” and “travel the world” on my short list for so long, that why not just let it happen?

Because then, that empty cocktail napkin will be so much more than a piece of trash. It won’t have the Master Plan of My Multi-Million Dollar Company outlined, but it will have room for what I let happen.

A book?

A gallery?

More travel tchotchkes on my window sill?

The possibilities are just as inspiring as a completed outline.

While I don’t know for sure what the next 5 years hold, I do know it won’t be as empty as my cocktail napkin.

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