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The Beach at Sunset - San Diego, CA

Dear Diary,
Viewing a sunset from the Pacific coastline rivals anything I've witnessed previously and comparatively in the Midwest.
There is magic in the spot where the crystal waters meet a watercolor sky.

Madelyn couldn't wait to touch it.

Though we're a little early, I saw agreeable symmetry in this moment. She began 2017 swimming in the Pacific Ocean. She might as well close her year by stepping into it's surf.

The water was freezing, she admitted, but she remained undeterred.

The Coast Guard must have it rough to be based here - to patrol the San Diego beaches at dusk is sure to be quite a site.

As I write the final words of this post, I am cuddled beneath multiple layers plus a blanket. These images of California sunsets and palm trees are successfully working to warm my soul again.

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