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El Campo Santo Cemetery (The Holy Field) - San Diego, CA

Dear Diary,
After lunch, we completed our tour of Old Town San Diego with a stop at 'The Holy Field'.

The site was founded in 1849 as a Catholic Cemetery. After the last body was interred in 1880, many of the grave sites were unjustly paved over to make room for "progress" and a railway.

This reportedly created the foundation for many a reported haunting, but I could only feel it's lingering sadness.

While a few of the markers are damaged or missing, it's obvious that descendants continue to visit. A couple of the sites had flower offerings, and one had a few toys.

The more notable graves included printed cards about the deceased.

There are 477 bodies buried here, but unfortunately, not all of them retain their graves. In fact, when you venture outside the fence line, pay attention to where you step. Beneath your feet are small placards the size of coins marking the site of graves belonging to "natives," who were considered "too uncivilized" for burial within the boundaries of the hollowed ground. Now, they rest beneath busy sidewalks.

It wasn't until after I had returned home that I learned "Yankee" Jim Robinson was buried in this cemetery, and he is blamed for many of the unexplained mechanical failures that occur. It's said that in 1996, the residents and business owners in Old Town pooled their money together to have the location exorcised, and the activity significantly diminished since.

Whether you chase ghosts, or simply a good story to tell, Old Town San Diego has plenty to uncover.

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