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Como Park Zoo & Conservatory, Part II - St. Paul, MN

Dear Diary,
It was the final Minnesota Chill team practice before their departure to California.

With 2 hours at our disposal once we dropped off Landen, we ventured back to Como Park Zoo & Conservatory to check out the Sunken Garden.

(My tour guide was a little bossy.)

It is truly a site to behold.

The sunlight that poured through the glass was deceiving, especially as we viewed the brilliant pinks and Kelly greens. The outside temperature was a freezing 20* but inside, we were quite toasty at a humid 70*.

We were simply acclimating our Minnesota bodies to the warmth of San Diego we'll find ourselves in later this week.

I really liked the light fixtures that hung from the glass ceiling.

I'm certain however, if left to me, I would murder each of these plant species. I have zero skills in gardening.

But I am a champion in the appreciation of such natural beauty.

The Conservatory has been enjoyed by visitors since 1915. In fact, in June 1962 a severe hail storm damaged the building. Despite no human injuries, golf ball-sized hail stones crashed through and shattered half of the glass. Today, this story merely a testament that it is possible to rebound into something better than before.

It is a beautiful Victorian-era glasshouse that I am so privileged to tour with my children.

(Venus Flytraps) 

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