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Exploring Concordia University - St. Paul, MN

Dear Diary,
This season, Landen's had the privilege of practicing in numerous stadiums on college campuses in the Twin Cities. I thought Hamline's stadium was impressive, and I appreciated Augsburg's location in downtown Minneapolis (still one of my favorite downtown scenes).

Concordia University is considered home base. Minnesota Chill is an 'all state' team, so college campuses are ideal gathering points for the teammates to practice.

One weekend morning, I dropped Landen off at the Sea Foam Dome and went for a walk. 

Landen prefers we find something else to do while he works with his team, though I'll be honest that I catch the last 10-15 minutes out of curiosity.

I'm a sucker for these ornate doors.

Concordia University was founded in 1893 as a men's-only learning environment guided by Christian values and faith. The Great Depression nearly caused the school to close its doors, but thankfully it survived. Today, it's a small liberal arts university with just over 4,000 students enrolled.

Having graduated from a liberal arts Christian university myself (though mine was Catholic as opposed to Concordia's Lutheran foundation), I felt a small sense of camaraderie as I strolled through the campus.

I just don't dare research how much private school tuition is these days.

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