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Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium - Litchfield Park, AZ

Dear Diary,
While in Arizona, we explored a zoo that recently made national headlines.

Somehow, someway - a woman managed to get too close to the jaguar here, and she was obviously attacked.

As we viewed the enclosure, we wondered ... HOW IN THE HELL?

The zoo reassured the public that nothing would happen to the jaguar. Barriers such as these are in place for visitors' safety, and it is not a wild animal's fault when those barriers are crossed.

The woman has since apologized.

No selfie is worth it.

(The kids said this one reminded them of our black cat, Savvy.)

We enjoyed the rest of our visit.

Ever see a duck taking a bath?

What about an albino peacock?

Or an adorable baby duck ...

It was thrilling to see a white Bengal Tiger.

The New Guinea Singing Dogs lived up to their name and sang as their keeper delivered their meals.

Interesting to see how a giraffe eats though ...

We saw huge ostrich eggs!

And the ostrich fight a chain link fence (as one does) ...

The Giant Tortoises were funny to watch.

And I can't say I've ever seen a swan eat.

The Lion's name is Solomon.

I expected Bobcats to be bigger.

We got so close to the giraffes! It was an exciting sight.

We must have come at just the right time (feeding) as the animals were quite active.

Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium
16501 W. Northern Ave., Litchfield

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