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The Grand Canyon - Arizona

Dear Diary,
There is many a patriotic song written about America. But to bear witness to the sites that possibly inspired one of the songs, well - it defies explanation.

What we cannot get over, is that to get here, we had to travel across the most flat expanses of land. And then all of a sudden ... THIS.

It really must be seen to be believed.

Even if you only go once, this is the site that must be experienced in a lifetime.

The Grand Canyon fills you with wonder.

One thing we did, was walk a Geoology Trail. Along the way, we learned about the various rock layers of the canyon and its age. There were telescopes pointed directly at the layers of the canyon mentioned on the trail.

We saw examples of the fossils that were discovered there.

Like adorable paw prints.

What animal do you suppose made those?

Carvings in the trees ...

In the picture above, a small sliver of the Colorado River is visible. Can you see it? To see the river that created this site from thousands of feet above, well - it felt like looking down was a travel back in time.


We saw a few people disobey the fence line and climb down the rock formations. I couldn't believe the risk, the audacity, and complete disregard exhibited by those people. And for what?

I could see everything I needed to from the safety of the trail.

2019 happens to be the 100th Anniversary of the Grand Canyon National Park's opening. Inside the visitor's center, one of the Glen boats from the original expeditions of the canyon were on display.

Visiting the Grand Canyon was surreal.

For more information, visit the related U.S. National Park Service site.

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