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Abandoned Bedrock City - Williams, AZ

Dear Diary,
After nearly 50 years, this roadside attraction based on the 1960s animated series, “The Flintstones”, has shuttered its doors.

I read that in its place, a Raptor Ranch will open with predatory birds on display in between live shows.

The site is located about 25 miles south of the Grand Canyon's south rim, so it was an ideal spot for travelers back then to set up camp. I’m sure it was quite popular in the golden age of road trips, when it was customary for families to pack up the station wagon to see the sites. I feel lucky enough to have seen the signage and other structures before they were torn down to transition the property for its new usage.

Bedrock City opened in the 70s, known for its buildings seemingly built of carved stone. I read that generations of children would have taken seats inside the Bedrock Schoolhouse, pretended to be locked up in the Bedrock jail or watched the namesake cartoon on an unending loop in the Bedrock theatre. The highlight of the park would be sliding down the neck of the Brontosaurus.

The original proprietors raised 5 children in the park, and the new owners are aware of the area’s fondness towards the site. He’s stated that they’re keeping some of the statues, including the Brontosaurus, to be used as centerpieces in the new children’s playground.

To see it sit in silence now felt like I witnessed the end of an era.

However, there appears to be still-open Bedrock City sites near another national monument - Mount Rushmore, in Custer, South Dakota. And while I understand it was time for business-side of things to move forward following the retirement of the original owner, I was satisfied to learn pieces of this Bedrock City would remain intact for future generations to enjoy.

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