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Weekend Warrior: The Wild West

Dear Travel Diary,

Every second was a fresh perspective, a break from our “normal,” and a true escape from the hustle-and-bustle of the life we live back home.

It was short but sweet for certain. With both kids in school, we are confined to our zip code for most of the year. When a break is scheduled, like this one for MEA, we take full advantage. We also had a personal family matter, the details of which I won’t express here, but we had the added benefit of spending time with relatives not always seen. 

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On Friday, October 21, the kids and I flew into Billings, Montana.
We arrived late, so we only saw the outline of the city and its surrounding plateau. However, there must have been a cattle sale or show of some sort because there were cows e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. Bull racks clogged traffic, which made for an interesting change of pace.

We drove two hours into Sheridan, WY bound for the hotel where we had zero troubles falling asleep.

The next day we said goodbye to our relatives and began our cross-country road trip. But first, we enjoyed the stunning Bob-Ross-painting-like views of the mountain scenery ...

Few things announce your presence out West like a roadside skeleton -

Ascending a mountain with a necessary bag of Cheetos? Nah. We found an interesting wall at a gas station in Gilette, WY and decided to create an illusion.

(She also lost a tooth!)

To be continued ...

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