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The U.S. Capital - Washington, D.C.

Dear Diary,
A national lacrosse tournament brought us to the East Coast (where the boys placed in the Top 5!), and we had some time to explore the D.C. area.

Our first stop was a free tour of the Capital. Public passes are available on a "first come first serve" basis, and we arrived early enough to secure some.

The tour granted us access to three rooms in the building, one of which being the iconic rotunda. This is the room where former Presidents lie in state for the public to pay their respect - the last of whom, was President George H.W. Bush.

The story of our nation is told through the priceless paintings, sculptures and reliefs that adorn the walls. You cannot help but feel a sense of pride as you absorb your surroundings. I also felt a little sad, standing there - I feel as though our current administration abandoned the very principles and ideals that make this country so unique and spectacular. Out of many, one - out of so many different people and perspectives, one nation arises. It is my hope that soon, we can return to those ideals.

Washington, D.C. was built on the backs of slave laborers, another fact our tour guide said repeatedly.

Another room we were able to tour, is a crypt. It's original intent was to serve as George Washington's tomb, but it took 33 years to build! Descendants of Washington aren't too keen on moving the remains from Mount Vernon to the Capital building, so for now, the crypt remains empty.

We passed the offices of the Speaker of the House to see the third and final room - the Hall of Statues. Here, each state is able to vote to send two statues of iconic figures that shaped their history. I am officially on a mission to petition Minnesota to send a statue of Prince.

The U.S. Capital is certainly a symbol of our government, and an awe-inspiring marvel of art and craftsmanship.

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