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Farmington Middle Creek Historic Cemetery: Revisited

Dear Diary,
A lot has changed since my last visit to the Farmington Middle Creek Historic Cemetery.

The fallen leaves and thick foliage cast eerie shadows on the slippery path.

The cemetery entrance at the summit of the hill was haunting.

But the most important change, was the fallen headstone I photographed previously was returned to its rightful place. It remains the only headstone with legible names.

The one constant that holds true of this site - information is hard to come by.

What I do know is this: originally called the Farmington Presbyterian Cemetery, the site was devoted as a final resting place in 1868. It was in use until the early 20th century, when for reasons unknown, it was abandoned and fell into neglect.

A grave robber is purported to have disturbed at least one grave in 1980.

It was largely undocumented about until a developer proposed building a subdivision at the site in 2001. As a condition of approval, the developer had to survey and stake the boundaries, and fence it in.

Then in 2003, its name was changed to Middle Creek Historic.

A stone sticks out from the leaves. I can't be certain if there are inscriptions on it, as the age, weather, and moss have rendered it illegible.

For whatever reason, this cemetery was not used after 1906.

By accident, I discovered a geocache hidden here.

In a way, thanks to the curious like me and those who geocache, this final resting place receives plenty of visitors. It is my hope that respect is paid, and it is my hope that the souls at rest remain at peace knowing they are not forgotten.

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