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Exploring Trollhättan

Dear Diary,
For the last leg of our trip, we found ourselves in Trollhättan.
First mentioned in literature in 1413, this western municipality is located approximately 75 km north of Sweden's 2nd-largest city, Gothenburg.
I recently read that the NHL will be playing a couple of games in Gothenburg to boost its fan base.
(This steam engine was built in 1917.)

Are you sensing a theme with my photography? Waterfront scenes such as this were abundant, and I loved how relaxing it felt while we explored.

This is one of the city's historic locks, which was built in 1800, and made river travel much easier through Sweden. One thing my children observed is how much older everything is here, compared to in the States.

(I took this to document the style of traditional Swedish homes.)
Then, we were treated to views of the city from a scenic overlook.

Even though the skies were overcast, it did not detract from the dramatic landscape that stretched before us.

People have attached Love Locks nearby. Personally, I appreciate the sentiment and if I had known of this, I would have attached my own.

(Just stunning ...)

Lining the countryside are these ancient stone fences. The moss adds a mystical effect, one that lends to the country's folklore of trolls.

(Liseberg Park)
We ended our city tour with a visit to what the kids likened to a "Swedish Valley Fair." They rode the rides to their heart's content, a challenge at first since most instructions were in Swedish, but they caught on quickly.
Things we did:
Universeum (Living Rainforest and Science Center)
Södra vägen 50
Liseberg Park
Sofierogatan 5
412 51 Göteborg
Kopparklinten (scenic look-out)
Landbergsliden, 461 57 Trollhättan, Sweden

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