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Bde Maka Ska Lake - Minneapolis, MN

*Bde Maka Ska (beh-DAY mah-KAH skah) is Dakota for "White Earth Lake," referencing the snow-covered land from a recent blizzard.

Dear Diary,
The state of Minnesota officially changed the name of Lake Calhoun back to its Dakota name in early 2018.

It was called "Calhoun" for nearly 200 years, ever since federal surveyors for the U.S. Secretary of War John Calhoun arrived in the 1820s to prepare for Fort Snelling's construction.

And Calhoun, an outspoken supporter of slavery, was not a nice guy.

(The Loon, Minnesota's state bird ...)

In my opinion, the change back to its original Dakota name best serves public interest and the state's heritage. It was historic - never has a lake with an English name been changed back to its American Indian one. And as of July, the federal government followed the state of Minnesota and officially recognized Bde Maka Ska.

Not only does the lake boast scenic views of the sparkling Minneapolis skyline, but also 3 beaches - the 32nd Street Beach, North Beach and Thomas Beach. There are canoe, kayak, bike, boat and paddle board rentals, in addition to public picnic areas and playgrounds. Minnesota is famous for its outdoor recreation, and to have this with the city limits is endearing.

There's a restaurant, Lola's on the Lake, which I didn't have the time to try but intend to in the future.

Minnesota is known for its 10,000 lakes, and to be in such close proximity of so many is why I love living here.

More information about Bde Make Ska lake and its surrounding park here.

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