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The Mystery of the Universe Could Be Answered in Lead, South Dakota

Dear Travel Diary,

I read this article the other day, drawn by its headline, "Secrets of the universe may lie in an old gold mine in South Dakota."

Specifically, Lead, South Dakota, and at the very gold mine we stopped off to check out during last year's MEA Road Trip.

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This past week scientists have begun to work on the largest U.S.-based particle physics experiment at the old mine, suddenly breathing new life into a city 140 years after the Black Hills Gold Rush cemented its founding.

One thousand scientists from 30 countries flocked to this small town just up the hill from Deadwood, and they all seek to answer one question: Are mysterious particles called neutrinos the reason we are here?

I don't know. But I do know, it's been cool to follow a story connected to a place we've been to. I will be keeping my eye on Lead, and I will be interested to learn what the scientists discover.

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There it is - the open pit gold mine currently receiving International attention ...

Approximately, 41 million ounces of gold were pulled from the Homestake Gold Mine over a period of 126 years. It was so deep that I couldn't see nor even attempt to photograph its bottom.

Evidence of Lead's mining past still lingers.

... Which the kiddos opted to climb anyway.

Watch this space!

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