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Wormsloe Plantation - Savannah, GA

Dear Travel Diary,
The Wormsloe Historic Site, informally known as the Wormsloe Plantation, consists of 822 acres and protects the estate established by one Georgia's colonial founders, Noble Jones.
Entering the site is dramatic, as the avenue of Oak trees and hanging Spanish moss seemingly stretches into oblivion.

It guides you to Savannah's oldest tabby ruins, to the marsh lands, to the river where the silence of history seems to rest in peace. The formation of the state of Georgia is linked to this spot, so walking the site of such significance made me feel quite small.

Tabby is a type of concrete made by burning oyster shells to create lime, then mixing it with sand, water, ash and broken oyster shells. The substance is thick and strong, making it an ideal material to construct a dual purpose home and defensive fort.

These marsh lands feed into Savannah's harbor, so Jones was able to see invaders before they docked in the city with time to warn people.

Eventually, a grand plantation home was constructed on the property, but unfortunately, it was moved to serve as a private home. We were disappointed to learn this, but still came away with knowledge of the city's colonial history. It was worth the visit.

If you go:
7601 Skidaway Road, Savannah, GA 31406

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