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Brief Walking Tour - Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Travel Diary,
Though I've flown into ATL twice now, this is the first for the city serving as my destination.
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Time to sit a spell ...

I had some time before I had to get ready. Nick and I had to board a 5:20 p.m. shuttle bound for Delta's museum for a celebratory dinner. Camera in hand, I stuck to the streets surrounding my hotel.

The courtyard had a small putting green and fountain.

Waffle Houses have been beloved Southern icons for over 60 years, but for this Yankee, I've had very limited exposure. Pouring over their Web site, I was intrigued that staff make the effort to get to know their customers and greet them by name. Though they pride themselves on Southern values, the Waffle House has grown to become an American institution.

Delta's HQ is in Atlanta, and the signs were everywhere. This one felt especially relevant, given my purpose for being in town. There is no stop in us, only go.

I passed this statue in front of a repair shop and took a few photographs because you don't see this everyday. Turns out, these roadside statues have garnered a bit of a cult following that inspired themed road trips to see them all. Though this particular Roadside Man is now holding a tire, there was once a U.S. flag within his grasp. This shop was opened in 1967 to serve the surrounding area.

The skies were consistently overcast as Tropical Storm Cindy made landfall on the Gulf. Even without the sun, the unmistakable Georgia humidity hung around.

See the little bee pollinating the flowers?

Walking across a pedestrian bridge over the nearby Interstate.

Finally, I stopped for a quick lunch at a nearby Mexican restaurant. The skies prevented me from grabbing a table on the patio, which considering it's officially summer, felt so unorthodox. I returned to my room afterwards to start getting ready for the evening ...

To be continued.

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