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An Evening At (Eric) Church - Milwaukee, WI

Dear Diary,
This past weekend, Nick and I were in Milwaukee (with the kids, of course; but we were able to secure a date night).

About 6 months ago we scored tickets to see Eric Church at the Bradley Center, and beforehand, I took Nick out to dinner at the Pfister Hotel.

I cashed in my reward points and received gift cards to pay for this indulgence. Mason Street Grill never disappoints.

We had some time to kill after our meal, so we walked around the hotel.

It’s historic, a Milwaukee icon, and quite luxurious. 

Blu, the hotel’s bar, was recently named one of the best in the city. We were treated to views of the Milwaukee skyline while we sipped on a cocktail and made friends with the bartender.

The concert was scheduled to start at 8. We had seats on the floor.

Growing up, we took in quite a few Milwaukee Bucks games here. It often meant sitting way the hell up in the back, eating popcorn and shouting something ridiculous because I don’t follow basketball much. In high school, I had the opportunity to perform on the court, and I remember feeling like the seats were about to fold in on top of me.

That same feeling rushed over me as we took our seats. The way the sections and rows of seats encircled us had a dizzying effect, and I wondered how professional basketball players managed it.

Our remedy, naturally, was to order a cocktail. The lights would soon shut off anyway.

Here’s a fun fact: when Nick and I first started dating (14 years ago!) I hated country music.

And now, though my tastes align with newer music in the genre, I’ve built quite the list of country artists I’ve seen live. Funny how sometimes the things we protest turn into our obsession. 

Tonight, Eric Church was added to the experience. And I enjoyed every second of it. Energetic, talented, charismatic and my favorite quality of his – he just doesn’t give a sh!t. He does things his way, stands up for what he believes in, and in his early days, this created quite a stir amongst the major players. He was snubbed for awards quite a few times, and his distaste over it was well-documented. In the end though, he persisted. Now he’s selling out stadiums and recording albums that could easily be the soundtrack of my life.

We danced off the calories we previously consumed, sang and cheered until we lost our voices, and all-around had a great time.

Next up: Chris Stapleton in October, to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary!

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