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Stay golden, November

Dear Photography Diary,

We welcomed November with a massive leaf clean-up around our property.

Correction: Nick tried to clean up, the kids had a different agenda.


Dear Holiday Diary,

Due to the 2nd Annual Failure of Pumpkin Cultivation, I took the kids to Pahl's Market so we could do some carving.

Of course, no fall visit to Pahl's is complete without belly flopping into a pit of corn. 

... Then came the second failure of the night, realizing Landen's pumpkin was rotten. 
That's why we only carved one.

Our neighborhood goes all out for Halloween, and I love it. Homes are transformed to the haunted variety, and at dusk, costumed kiddos emerge to collect candy. My favorite house passes out shots of alcohol to the adults. 

While waiting for the bewitching hour to begin, I took a couple of photos of the kids in costume.
"Please don't eat meeeeeeee!"