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101 in 1001

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I’m declaring this publicly to boost my commitment, because now – I have you to hold me accountable. This list puts a few of the thoughts, ideas, notions and crazy dreams I’ve had in my head onto paper; setting in stone a bit of a timeline to pursue & accomplish them.

January 1, 2017 – September 28, 2019

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1. Passports – Nick & I have renewals due; need to apply for the kids’
2. Take the kids to Sweden. (August 2018)
3. Tour the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky with Nick (for Christmas, Maker's Mark Distillery named a
    barrel after Nick. After it finishes aging in 6-7 years, we'll have the opportunity to obtain bottles of
    bourbon from the Nicholas Sieberg barrel!)                
                3a. Explore the famous Kentucky caves
4. Learn to Scuba dive, and become certified
                4a. Dive to the shipwrecks in the Caribbean
5. Learn to shoot.
6. Learn how to snowboard at Buck Hill, where Lindsay Vonn learned to ski
7. As inspired by my department manager, start taking photography courses for my MFA.
                7a. Publish a coffee table book of my work.
                7b. Submit pieces into a show/competition/gallery.
8. Become more involved with Diabetes Advocacy
                8a. Children’s Congress
                8b. Attend the JDRF Gala at least once during this list’s tenure
                8c. Look into “mission trips” to Third World countries to help supply villages, etc.
9. Participate in JDRF One Walks, and achieve all fundraising goals (2017, 2018, 2019)

                (2/25/17 - we smashed our fundraising goal & participated for the 3rd time.)                (2/24/18 - Back-to-Back fundraising goals smashed for our 4th ONE Walk!)
10. Hike down to the creek bed at Minnehaha Falls and take pictures (Post here!)

11. Walk across the Mississippi River (Lake Itasca, MN)
12. Take a class on glass-blowing
13. Be published again (online, print media, book/children’s book)
                13a. Update my portfolio and creative resume
13b. Write an outline for my freelancing goals, and work on them!
                13c. Work on my idea for an eBook.
                13d. Sign up for and start posting on Medium.
                13e. Pitch writing projects
                13f. Do I need a literary agent?
                13g. Pitch manuscript(s)
                13h. Apply for more freelance writing opportunities
                13i. Grow my blog’s readership
14. Learn how to arrange flowers
15. Finally master my sewing machine!
16. Teach myself to play acoustic guitar
                16a. Start writing songs.
17. Attend the 2018 Super Bowl at US Bank Stadium (Justin Timberlake is the halftime performer.)
      (Purchased tickets for the fan experience at the Minneapolis Convention Center 2/3/18)
18. Attend the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, and bring my manuscript
      18a. Sell short story(ies) to its publication, The Iowa Review
19. Visit/Tour Ernest Hemingway’s house in Florida that is now overrun by the descendants of his

       6-toed cats
20. Visit/Tour F. Scott Fitzgerald’s home in St. Paul (Click here for the post!)

21. Purchase tickets for the ‘Fraidy Cat Tour’ at The Soap Factory in Minneapolis (October)
                21a. Take Landen to an age-appropriate haunted house, since he’s expressed interest
22. Travel to and explore all of Cuba
                22a. Purchase the Havana coffee table book on my Amazon list
23. Travel to the Polish city we’ve traced my maternal ancestry to
24. Learn how to tie a tie
25. Fill my charm bracelet.
26. Tour Winehaven Winery in Chisago City, MN
27. Visit/Tour Mill City Museum, Mill Ruins Park, St. Anthony Falls & walk across the Stone Arch

28. Shop at Junk Bonanza, Buffalo Antique Market and Retro Wanderlust
29. Rent an RV for a week and drive to Duluth/North Shore
                29a. Stop and photograph Minnesota’s ghost town, Taconite Harbor
30. Set plans (book the hotel and secure tickets) to attend the next Inauguration and one of the

      inaugural balls in January 2021 when Drump is voted out.

31. Weekend Warrior Trips – Rochester, NY (Museum of Play & Niagara Falls); Oregon (Everest Wings & Waves Waterpark & Aviation Museum); San Obispo, CA (to stay at The Madonna Inn); Brainerd, MN; Traverse City, MI (Mari Vineyards); Louisville, KY; Wings Castle B&B in New York; LeClaire, IA (Antique Archeology); Annapolis, MD
32. Visit all 50 States. (2017 - Hawaii, California x2, Washington, Nevada, Arizona - update posted 3/3/17; Boston, MA / 2018 - NONE; 2019 - Phoenix, Sedona, Flagstaff, D.C., Baltimore, Annapolis)
                32a. Travel to Arkansas and visit the park that lets you mine for diamonds
                32b. Travel to Waco, TX to explore the Silos & shop #fixerupper
                32c. Travel to Salem, Massachusetts (witch trials’ history/Hocus Pocus filmed there)
                32d. Travel to Hawaii – surfing lessons, drive the Road to Hana, dance the hula, attend a

                        luau, climb the Haiku Stairs of Oahu, wear a fresh lei, etc.
                32e. Travel to San Francisco – tour Alcatraz, ride a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge,
                        See the Seven Sisters/Full House home, ride a cable car, etc.
                32f. Travel to Los Angeles – hike to the Hollywood sign, walk on the Walk of Fame, etc.
                32g. Travel to New Orleans – Mardi Gras, tour a haunted cemetery, eat my way through

                         the French Quarter and attend a low country boil, Pharmacy Museum, etc.
                32h. Charleston, South Carolina
32i. Return to NYC to tour Ellis Island. Find the page with my ancestor’s signatures.
                32j. Return to Savannah to photograph Bonaventure Cemetery
                32k. Seattle, Washington – take Landen to a Seahawks game, Pike Market, Space
                        Needle, etc.
33. Set foot on all 7 continents (North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, Asia, Africa,

                33a. Travel to Iceland.
34. See (and photograph) the Northern Lights
                34a. Photograph the Milky Way.
35. Climb a (historic) lighthouse.
36. Try stand-up paddle boarding.
37. Participate in a 5k like The Color Run, The Bubble Run or Inflatable 5K
38. Start an herb garden
39. Write our names in wet cement.
40. Sell our house and buy a new one. (April 2017 - details posted here)

41. Pay off all of our non-mortgage debt
                41a. Formulate a plan to pay off our mortgage early.
                41b. And never carry a credit card balance!

42. Purchase a truck for Nick
43. Upgrade my vehicle                

      42/43a. Save for a large down payment to keep financing at a minimum for the vehicles.
44. Leave a 100% tip.
45. Start a wine collection that includes areas for Nick’s Scotch/Bourbon, etc.
                45a. Build a fancy wine cellar/tasting area in our home
46. Cook my way through an entire cookbook.
                46a. Collect unique cookbooks (Mexico, Vintage Cocktails)
47. Arrive by sea plane, as piloted by Nick
48. Collect all of my favorite children’s books to create an at-home library for my children
48a. Purchase a bookcase to house it all.
49. Upgrade my camera body.
50. Make plans to renew our vows to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary (October 2020)

51. Set up my own dark room so I can develop my film
52. Read through the books on my bookshelf, and write a review of each title (Oct '17 JTTCoTM,

      Mar '18 WANMIRL and IBGITD, May '18 Silent Witnesses, Oct '18 Bellevue, Jan '19 The
      Midnight Assassin)
53. Ultimate challenge: Train for and run a marathon.
54. Ride a mechanical bull. (Las Vegas, Feb. '17)
55. Go indoor skydiving
56. Go one month without drinking alcohol. Write about it.
57. Have a post (either on this blog or another online publication) go viral.
58. Purchase Photoshop for my MAC.
59. Try new-to-us restaurants and bars, and write reviews. (January '17 Bourbon Butcher, June '17
      Harry's Café, Sept '17 Mellow Mushroom, Nov '17 French Meadow Bakery & Café, Mar '18

      Volstead's Speakeasy, June '18 Mainstreet Cafe & Wine Bar, March '19 Ninfa's in Houston)
60. Begin my quest to visit all of the great museums of the world. (Saab Museum)

61. Learn calligraphy.
                61a. Purchase a hand lettering guide. (Christmas gift)

62. Watch MN professional sports live (bonus if they play WI teams) – Vikings (8-27-17, 8/24/18)
      Wild (3-29-18), Twins (5/21/17)Timberwolves, MN United (7/3/19), etc.
63. Get tickets to an Iowa Hawkeye football home game (bonus if it’s Iowa v. Iowa State)
64. Start learning to speak a second language.
65. Keep up with our family albums
                65a. Finish 2015 and 2016
                65b. Start 2017

                65c. Start 2018.
66. Decide what to do with my wedding gown (and do it!)
                (Update: it's been used in an international print campaign.)
67. Plan a family vacation to Orlando – Disney, Universal Studios, Cape Canaveral
                67a. Go on a Disney cruise.
                67b. See a space shuttle launch.
68. Take a cooking class.
69. Purchase a pair of princess-cut diamond stud earrings.
70. Purchase bands with my children’s birthstones to wear with my wedding rings (Received for
      Christmas from N and the kids)

71. Take the family to Como Zoo and feed the giraffes! (Part I, Part II)
72. Name a star.
73. Grow and can my own salsa.
                73a. Grow and maintain a vegetable garden from here on out. (2017, 2018, 2019)
                (Update - due to our summer move, there won't be time to garden in 2017; FAIL in 2018)
74. Get into the habit of writing and mailing random “thinking of you” notes to people in my life.
75. Purchase 1 souvenir from each place we travel to, and display it in our home. (Hawaii,
      Vegas - FAIL, San Diego, Boston, Sarasota, FL; Sweden, Arizona, D.C., Annapolis)

      75a. Purchase a glass cabinet to display our travel tchotchkes.
76. Tattoos. Good God woman, just get it done already.
77. Take Landen on Mom/Son dates.
78. Take Madelyn on Mom/Daughter dates. (Pan-o-Prog Grand Parade, Como Zoo)
79. Send Nick on one of those “drive a tank” and/or “heavy machinery” experiences
                79a. Enroll him in race car driving school, if he expresses interest
80. Pull the kids out of school early, and take them to play in the crowd-free Mall of America

      Amusement Park (8/2 - Valley Fair, Sweden's park Aug '18)

81. Purchase a pair of Ancestry DNA kits for Nick and myself (Christmas gift!) 
                 (Sent 1/24/17; read Part 1 here | Part II discusses my results!)
82. Hire a regular babysitter and go out on dates with Nick more. (Once a month?)
83. Hug a Redwood Tree.
84. Release baby turtles into the ocean.
85. Ride in a horse-drawn carriage.
86. Observe the sun rise and set on the same day. (And photograph it.) (Hawaii 2017)
87. Experience the traditions of another culture. (Swedish Midsummer)
                87a. Ride on a foreign country’s mode of transportation (i.e., tuk tuk)
88. Pose with a figure at a Wax Museum. (Landen's grade hosted one - totally counts!)
89. Say ‘yes’ more.
90. Explore abandoned/historical places and photograph/research them to tell their stories.

      (Whaley House, El Campo Santo Cemetery, First National Bank Site, Gopher Ordinance Works,
       Farmington Middle Creek Historic Cemetery, Highland Cemetery, Archibald Mill, James J.
       Hill House, Minneapolis Soldiers & Pioneer Cemetery, Princess Depot, John H. Stevens House

       Abandoned Flintstones RV Park in Williams, AZ) 
91. Do a boudoir photo shoot.
92. Photograph a: birth, wedding, party, retirement, engagement, graduation, senior pictures, family

      reunion, concert, etc.
93. Give back to my community.
                93a. Volunteer with the kids at the local Humane Society.
                93b. Donate blood.
                93c. Put change in someone’s expired meter.
                93d. Pay for the order behind me.
                93e. Pay for the car’s toll behind me.
                93f. Leave an inspirational note in a self-help book.
                93g. Purchase a $100 grocery gift card and give it to a random patron.
                93h. Leave a package of hand warmers and a $5 gift card for coffee in our mail box on a

                        cold day
94. Go deep sea fishing.
95. Complete photography project(s). TBD.
96. Sew a collection of sassy & sarcastic cross stitch patterns. (April 2017 - bought this pattern.)
                96a. Purchase this book from my Amazon list! (Birthday gift)
97. Finish the baby-clothes quilt I started years ago.
98. Stand behind a waterfall.
                98a. Stand behind a frozen waterfall.
99. Witness solar (8-21-17 1:06 p.m.) and lunar eclipses.
100. Donate my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths for a third time.

101. Tour a factory. (Sandgrens Clogs)

Completed: 19/101
Did Not: Super Bowl ticket prices started at $3,200 each (I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid.)

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