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The Pantry, Reconfigured

As previously stated, the 90s are alive and well, at least in the aesthetic of our home.

Very little of it aligns with my taste, so while I've been eager to begin putting my stamp on things, I made sure to sit with everything for a while. I wanted to get a "feel" for the house, the layout and the surrounding area. Since everything here was functional, I wasn't in any rush.

Now, I believe there is always a better way to utilize space, and we recently reconfigured one of ours.

The kitchen has a lot of storage.


In the nearly two years we've lived here, we've never once used the garbage compactor installed within the pantry wall to the left in the above image. 

To the left of the desk is a narrow "galley" with a small closet on one end and garage access on the other. Up to this point, our garbage and recycling bins were kept in that closet. A pocket door closed off the space, making it feel claustrophobic. We had to enter the house single file.

We decided to remove the garbage compactor and install a pull-out drawer for the bins.

I painted the interior and the new shelf bottom, leaving the final installation up to the men. We also tore out the pocket door and removed a large portion of the wall, which really opened up the space.


This reconfiguration flows so much better for us, for our needs, and with how we live in our home.


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