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The Symbolic Sighting of a Pair of Swans

Across the street from my house is a pond.

We see it best from our driveway.

One day, I was performing some menial tasks. We had lost track of what day in quarantine we were on. The kids were still reeling from the sudden end to their 3rd and 7th grade school years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I was working from home. Life as we knew it had come to a screeching halt. We were struggling to make sense of it, while still trying to navigate our way through the uncertainty.

Keeping busy with menial tasks helped.

As I approached the end of my driveway, I glanced over at the pond. And there, I saw a pair of massive Trumpeter Swans.

I was in awe, as I don't think I've ever seen swans outside of a zoo or nature preserve.

And then, there they were. Across the street. As though I was meant to see them.

Why is NOW the first time I'm observing a pair of swans in the surrounding landscape of my home?

As it turns out, swans symbolize the 'awakening of the power of self', and the 'development of intuitive abilities'. They are 'messengers of faith' and 'transformation', not to mention 'purity', 'grace', 'tranquility' and 'union'. There was a reason why I was to see them when I did - they brought me reassurances.

These past few weeks were chock full of unknowns, and I relied heavily on what felt right in my gut to forge on. How will my children talk about this upheaval when they reflect back on it? Will they recall the many treats we baked and home-cooked meals we made? Will they remember the increase of time we had together, since home was now also school and an office? Will they recall the marathon Xbox sessions, or the cats behaving like dum-dums since they're not accustomed to their humans being around so much? Will they complain about how lacking our Internet speed is? I wonder if they will talk about how important it is to have hope and an enduring faith, that though life has been completely transformed, the union of our little family of four strengthened in its bond.

Life now will be defined as "Before Covid" and "After Covid".

From my perspective, Covid-19 made me see how much of my pre-quarantine life I needed to dismantle before I can start anew. The things that no longer serve me will be left in the past. I will begin with what I know, what I am certain of; and use it for the foundation to build upon for the next chapter. Did a simple sighting of a pair of giant swans in a pond foretell this clarity?

I don't know.

I do know, however, if I had been subconsciously seeking some sort of sign, then surely the symbolism and happenstance of a pair of Trumpeter Swans that brought me this revelation, is it.

I may not know what tomorrow is going to bring, but I know I have faith that it will get better. I just have to be true to myself and trust my intuition as we continue to weave our way through this.

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