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I Downloaded a Ghost Detector App. This is What Happened ...

"Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back."

Dear Diary,
With all due respect to those in the profession, I certainly believe that not all paranormal researchers or "ghost hunters" are created equal. Those that do it well offer some very compelling evidence, explanations and empathy, and I like that it makes me think.

I mean, whether or not there is an afterlife is probably the world's greatest unsolved mystery. And if I'm being honest, the idea that this world is not all there is does make our mortality a little less frightening.

I tune in to a few such shows that seek evidence to confirm what comes next. I've stayed in haunted hotels, traveled to historic cities and experienced things I cannot explain. Lacking the funds to purchase equipment conduct my own research (most importantly however, I'm too inexperienced), I haven't done much to see for myself.

But in the spirit of Halloween, I downloaded an app that can "detect" the presence of ghosts. After all, when, if not on Halloween, can one follow her curiosity and download a ghost-hunting app to test out?!

Maybe its a slap in the face to the professionals (not my intent), maybe the app is not to be taking seriously (it is categorized as "entertainment," after all) or maybe - there's something to it.

I shared in a few past blog posts about the history I've been able to find about my property and the city we moved to.

While the house is merely 24 years old, the land it sits upon has been in existence for millenia.

So ... maybe?

I opened the app and started walking around my house.

I've found a "lost soul" in my guest bedroom, a vengeful spirit named "Sallie" in my laundry room and a nameless "vengeful spirit" on the kitchen counter - in an odd, isolated, dark corner.

In the app, you're able to type questions to it - similar to equipment I've seen professionals use on their TV shows.

Some of the answers seem relevant.

Others I assume are pre-loaded to answer to instill a little fear in the user.

(I asked what it wanted ... and well, I am a mother ...)

The question and answer on the counter made my pulse quicken, but then the "Mommy" answer made me raise an eyebrow. There was nothing to accommodate what the app presented - no cold spots, no unexplained footsteps, no disembodied voices. Honestly, it didn't come near the chill I experienced that morning in the Pfister hotel.

Still, it's enough for me to question how much I don't know about life.

How much have I not yet seen? Or heard? Or felt and tasted? What can this subject teach me about living my life to its fullest in case, this is all there is?

Maybe I'll have to ask the ghosts ...

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