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Paradise in the Pines: Project Updates

Dear Diary,
On Friday, I came home from work to find that this happened ...
(We chose Pella because I liked the peace-of-mind that came with the warranty.)
And it filled us with a little motivation ...
Which then inspired a return trip to what feels like our second home, Menards ...
(Quartz countertops!)
Decisions were made.

The floor tile is intended for the kitchen, front entry and both of the upstairs bathrooms; the counter will be installed in the kitchen and two upstairs baths, too. We intend to keep the carpeting on the stairs, in the library and the hallway as it's still in decent shape. It also looks nice alongside the floor sample. We are also keeping the hardwood cabinets and trim. We plan on purchasing new dark stainless steel appliances, a deep under mount sink and a faucet that matches the color of the pulls.

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We were surprised by how easy it was to not only make these decisions for our home, but that we agreed with each other. You have to understand, Nick and I often have different leanings when it comes to interiors. Even deciding on the updates for our fireplace were easy (stone, with a rough wood mantel that looked like a 500-year-old log, and a stone hearth on the library side).

Now the considerations have turned to paint colors, for which I'm leaning towards varying shades of blue. I'll probably start bringing swatches home soon. Light fixtures will also be changed, but let's tackle one thing at a time.

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Like pressure washing and staining the back deck ...

Meanwhile, I headed for the guest bedroom, which had just received that beautiful new picture window.

Before the upgrade, sunlight poured in and the room was almost too unbearable to be in. Now it feels much more comfortable!

We need to install blinds for privacy reasons, but I will not be purchasing curtains. I want little obstruction for that view.

(Option 1)

While Nick labored out on the deck, the kids and I rearranged their bedroom furniture. Madelyn's egress window was also upgraded. Landen decided to move his full size bed underneath his room's built-in bookshelves, and he's created himself a cozy "couch-bed" nook that's he's already filled with pillows.

Both of the kids' bedrooms now feel much more spacious. I left them to browse catalogs for more ideas for their spaces.

Landen's gray headboard was too awkward for his new set-up, so I moved it up to the guest room. It works for the size of the bed, but I wasn't sure if the gray and brown of the existing bedding coordinated.

(Option 2)

So I reversed it.

There is a gray stripe in the comforter that matches nicely with the headboard, and I'm going with it.

It's inspiring to see the new direction we've charted take hold.


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