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MN Vikings TCO Performance Center - Eagan, MN

Dear Diary,
The state-of-the-art TCO Performance Center is the Minnesota Vikings' new home and site for practices, off-season training and staff offices. It's brand new - 2018 was the inaugural year, and where the team hosted its 58th training camp.

It's said that the 40-acre complex has "everything but excuses" for players to get better. In 2017, the Vikings were a Top 4 team in the NFL and now that they threw down for a $84 million quarterback, the team seems to feel the weight of the expectations this season has for them.

Compared to the team's previous homes in Eden Prairie and Winter Park, TCO seems better suited to meet the high level of conditioning players require. Not only is there an indoor facility packed with amenities and an outdoor field, an on-site orthopedics and sports medicine clinic also serves the team's needs.

We had the opportunity to see the site for ourselves, and it's impressive.

(I enjoy touring museums of any subject matter, so this one is on my list to check out.)

It's spirited, and it's energetic. Seeing it through the perspective of my sports-crazed 11-year-old made the experience all the more worthwhile, as he caught his father's pass in TCO's end zone. I'm not sure too many kids can say that.

(There it is - the only Swedish word we know ... SKOL!) 

Following our walking tour, I wondered how this place compared to other practice facilities.

It doesn't.

The fact that the organization thought of everything a player would need and put it all in one place gave them a huge leg up. I read news stories about players signing with the Vikings after visiting the facility. They were convinced.

Furthermore, even though U.S. Bank Stadium makes the Vikings an "indoor" team, the outdoor field is heated. It allows for practices to still be conducted at TCO in December and January, potentially increasing the advantages of being able to play under most weather conditions.

"Well, there's nothing to complain about here," players are noted saying.

The public is able to purchase tickets to attend summer training camps and scrimmages in preparation for the upcoming pre- and regular seasons, and can do so through the team web site. We've been to two Vikings preseason games at U.S. Bank Stadium, and I'm sure next summer will see us seated at TCO as well.

With the 2018 NFL season set to kick off, I'm curious if the advantages presented here will translate to the players' performance during the games.

And perhaps ... the organization's first Super Bowl title?

If you go:
2600 Vikings Parkway, Eagan, 55121
More info. available on web site

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