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The Light Spectrum

Dear Diary,
My house is also a case study in 1990s light fixtures.

But first, I want to discuss this space ship orb of a light that hangs in my kitchen. I hate it.

It even flickers when you flip the switch and makes that "Close Encounters"-whir sound. Then it casts this yellow glow on my cooking and prep surfaces.

I cannot wait to replace it.

Now, my husband subscribes to the CEILING FAN IN EVERY ROOM approach to lighting, whereas I do not. However, in the kitchen, I am willing to compromise.

Especially since I have an ulterior motive.

I want to add some sparkly, pretty, unexpected lighting that I don't think exists anywhere but inside my brain, so I cannot show any inspiration pictures at this time. I can share with you the spectrum of lights we currently have in our home. Observe -

 (Track lighting and an old fan.)

(This fixture hangs over our table in the dinette.) 

I call it, The Unabomber Light because the same one hung on the set of Manhunt: Unabomber.

 (Small pendant that hangs over the sink.)

The sellers had the popcorn ceiling removed from the main living spaces inside the home, which is fantastic, but the workers neglected to protect this pendant light. Evidence of the process is stuck to the shade.

 (This casts a very dim light in the small alcove just off the dinette.)

(Recessed lighting over the fireplace in the library, the room's only lights.) 

 (Hall light)

 (Guest Bath)

 (Guest room)

 (An interesting fan in the master bedroom.)

As you can see, the master bedroom and bath retained their textured ceilings.

(Vanity lights in the master bath) 

 (Boob light near the shower in the master bath.)

(A single recessed light over our tub in the master bath.) 

(A small globe light in our walk-in.) 
I cannot wait to upgrade the light in our closet SO I CAN SEE. 

(Staircase light.)

I'm thinking the light that hangs over our staircase landing needs to be sparkly so it reflects the sunlight that pours in through the adjacent window.

One side of the downstairs den has recessed lighting. There is also a single recessed light over the French doors that open to a patio. I'm not offended by any of the recessed lighting in the home, but I do think a few rooms need additional sources.

(Boob light in the other side of the den.) 

My son's room has a boob light and a spotlight that illuminates his built-in shelving.

Admittedly, I positively despise boob lights.

Madelyn's bedroom has a pair of recessed lights, a boob light, and a single spotlight over her built-in.

(Laundry room lighting) 

 (The lights in the very unfinished utility room.)

I'm not certain when the lighting will receive an upgrade either, but the simple fact that what you see will not remain is enough for me.

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