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The Guest Bedroom

Dear Diary,
Though this is an upgrade from an air mattress, our guest bedroom is every bit the blank canvas you can imagine.

Filled with hand-me-down furniture intent on making the space functional, the room lacks personality. I don't know what direction to go in for decorations - to run with what we already have and build from there, or give Wayfair all of my money and start fresh?

The good news is, the room has a large picture window so natural light floods the space.

That little side table adds symmetry, but I'd like to upgrade to a matching set.

Our guests have the joy of seeing the kaleidoscope carpet in all its glory, and the ceiling fan aligns with Nick's lighting preferences. And honestly, I'm not offended by it. I kind of like that it blends in with the white ceiling.

See what I mean about that window? (Note to self: replace the shade!)

Beneath the window is a bench with two storage cubbies. Right now, I have extra blankets stored inside. Replacing all of the windows in the house is our Project Priority, but until then, this room gets really cold at night due to the drafty frame so extra blankets are necessity.

We've had the bedding for a while now, but it's in good condition. The hope chest does double duty as bench seating and additional storage (but following our massive decluttering spree, it's empty). The console is a hand-me-down.

To Do: replace carpet, fresh white paint on the ceiling, decide on a wall color, purchase a headboard and additional bed linens. I think a prism pull chain for the fan would be cool too. Does this room need a shelving unit? A chair?

The oval end table is also a hand-me-down. It's in really good shape, but it's a little too deep to remain bedside.

Here is the other half of the room ... I need to decide on an art piece or something for the corner display, and the closet is an added bonus. I have a few hangers, wall-hangings I'm not certain will be hung up in here, and a small dresser (also a hand-me-down).

What kinds of things do guests need?
What needs to be in this room so I can keep up appearances as a good hostess (for the unspoken 3-day threshold I have for people staying in my home ...)?

I feel like I could have some fun in here, but until then, we're utilizing it as it is.

... Just happy to be here.


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