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The 3/4-Bath Stumps Me

Dear Diary,
The kiddos share this downstairs bathroom, and though they fight about ridiculous things like both of them being visible in the mirror at the same time, the complaints are minimal.

The only one?

There is zero storage.

In a house where cabinets, closets and crannies run amok, this bathroom is where storage came to die.

No medicine cabinet.

No etagere.


A temporary solution was to move in the same shelving unit we had in the upstairs bath at the old house. As you can see from my very beige pictures of the windowless bathroom, there isn't even a toilet paper rack.

Yesterday we established my hatred for boob lights. Today's arch nemesis is beige. I would absolutely paint the walls in this bathroom a fresh white so it doesn't feel like a beige cave.

I don't like the tile or chair rail either. An idea I have is, in place of the chair rail, we add narrow shelving for the soap, toothbrush holder, etc. I saw it one of the bathrooms Jenna Sue rehabbed, and I think it would go a long way in this bathroom.

And a pedestal sink? However, I'm not sure how to add a small vanity with that corner vent.

What's interesting to me, is how high the ceilings are. This bathroom certainly has potential, and I'm trying to consider the best use of the vertical space here.

I'm not a fan of the brass shower surround.

Everything in this bathroom is functional, so I'm content to sit idle on this.

Now that I've pointed out all that I dislike, how about I summarize what I do like: the kids have a bathroom to themselves, and I like that there isn't a tub; ceiling height gives the space plenty of options.


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