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Outdoor Lights + Living Situation

Dear Diary,
For the first time in my life, I have a front porch.

Where the Tri-Level had a stoop, and our old apartments had a cement pad, HERE - I have this ...

(I plan to find a funny door mat, but that's a post for another day.)

With Lake Marion nearby, I want to incorporate that easy feeling associated with lake living. For some reason, to me, that translates to lanterns and Adirondack chairs.

A pair of them, right there in front of the large picture window, with a planters stool in between so Nick and I can set our chilled drinks down as we take in this serene view, or observe two crazies burning off the last of their energy.

I love city living. I love the energy and the hustle, and working in a city center does translate to my professional successes. When I return home in the evenings to this? I take a deep cleansing breath, and it feels like everything just melts away. I never imagined I'd love my Isolated Acreage Life so much, and I'm so thankful we get to live here.

We get to live here!

Here's our current porch and outdoor lighting situation:

I want to replace the rest of the exterior lighting with a more lantern-style fixture.

We'll bring home a pair of Adirondack chairs once we find a good price point. The porch also has recessed lighting, which I feel is most ideal for the Minnesota climate. I also want a large exterior lantern or two for the porch.

I'd like to either build or purchase a trellis for this exterior wall and plant a hanging garden.

I intend to purchase a pair of plush, hanging spider plants for those hooks.

I also took pictures of our deck lighting.

(Oh, hello ...)

Aside from adding string lights to it, I'd like to carry-over the lantern-style fixtures back here. We already have a nice patio table and umbrella, Nick wants to replace the grill, and I may add a lounger or something in that corner.

This space feels like it needs an outdoor bar.

I'm not sure how much of a spring we'll have this year, since winter just wouldn't quit it's BS, so I'm hoping summer will bring a little redemption.


  1. How great is this?! Love the all the outdoor space. Relaxing out there after a long day sounds wonderful :)

    1. I drank my morning coffee on our back deck on Sunday and it was such a refreshing start to the day! Thank you, Emelia!