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Mission Control: The Ideas I'm Tossing Out There

Dear Diary,
We've been living our Isolated Acreage Life for nearly a year now, with little to show for it. I phrased it that way because truth be told, it feels like I'm living in someone else's house.

AND I HAVE (3) IDEAS to fix that!

Mission: Find an Eastlake Mirror for the Staircase Landing

After I remove the hula skirt wallpaper, figure out a paint color, put in a white switch plate, rip off that trim on the wall, blah blah blah - I want to acquire and display a beautiful antique Eastlake Mirror (go google that sh!t - it's GORGEOUS) on the large expanse of a wall on our landing.

And Nick will hang a sparkly chandelier so the crystals can catch the light that comes in through that window. It's going to be glorious.

I also want to find an antique organ stool and set it up in the corner on the landing.

Mission: New Sconce

According to Madelyn, the first line of defense against bad dreams is a light fighting against the darkness. Seeing as this is the portion of the house (where the kids' bedrooms are) that's underground - we have a walk-out ranch home, the situation at night can feel downright abysmal.

I don't know what Ancient Roman temple this sconce was pulled from, but I know its days are numbered. Thank you for your valiant years of service as a Toga Light, but I'm on a mission to find an Edison bulb sconce (*affiliate link) to replace you.

Mission: Find an Antique Door Knocker

This house used to have one. The evidence is in the middle of the spring wreath I stubbornly hung while we were spanked with an April blizzard. The front door, which will receive a different color paint job once Nick and I decide on an exterior update, is calling out for a quirky, antique door knocker.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to check Craigslist.

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