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April's Winter Fowl

Dear Diary,
A winter scene was observed through our picture window this weekend.

... which would have been fine, if it weren't THE MIDDLE OF APRIL.

A spring blizzard was forecasted, dumping an unpleasant mixture of ice, slush and snow on the Twin Cities region. It was absolutely miserable.

The kids took pity on the bird life that calls our property home. They spread bird seed on the ground and filled the feeder, allowing for quite the spectacle that was much more enjoyable than the accumulating snow.

The birds must have been hungry ...

The cardinals really stood out against the white backdrop.

And I'm sure the chickadees felt right at home.

The woodpeckers didn't give a sh!t ...

 (Female cardinal)

The robins were probably questioning why in the hell they didn't remain down south for longer.

I will never tire of seeing blue jays on our property. They really are the assholes of the bird species, but their coloring is so beautiful and vibrant that I get excited about their presence.

They did start a few fights at the feeder though.

 (Children spotted ...)

With all of this activity, the kids took their job refilling the feeder very seriously. We have two more days of snow fall forecasted this week, but I'm not certain how much of it I'll be photographing.

I am so over this never-ending winter.

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