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Synchronicities: Scandinavia, the Vikings and Bluetooth Technology

Dear Diary,
Today I want to talk about synchronicities.

The proper definition of synchronicities is, “the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible casual connection,” I feel compelled to comment on the long line of coincidences I feel I cannot ignore.

About a year ago, I wrote a post about my Ancestry DNA results.

At the time, my focus was on my strong Eastern European heritage that aligned with the research a distant, maternal relative did. Since then, I began to delve into the other ethnicities highlighted on my pie chart, specifically – my ties to Scandinavia.

The map that was enclosed with my results pinpointed Norway.

Norway, as history tells us, was home base for the Vikings.

This was the first coincidence I made note of, especially since research on the property we purchased last June was very likely settled by Scandinavian immigrants to farm. Minnesota attracted many immigrants from the Nordic countries because the climates and landscapes were reminiscent of their homelands.

This heritage inspired the name of our NFL franchise, the Minnesota Vikings. That was the second coincidence.

(Us at a 2017 pre-season game ...)

The third, brings in our ties to Sweden now.

In 1994, the Swedish company Ericsson invented the wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances known simply as, Bluetooth.

Named for Viking king Harold Bluetooth, who was known as The Great Communicator because he united dissonant Danish tribes into one kingdom, the technology allows for cell phones to “speak” to computers, play lists to “speak” to sound bars, headphones and ear buds to make calls hands-free, and …

My daughter’s diabetes management equipment to “talk” to each other.
Her Continuous Glucose Monitor sends her blood sugar readings to my phone and her receiver via Bluetooth.
Her meter sends her test results to her insulin pump so it may issue corrections, via Bluetooth.

This technology is part of our arsenal to keep her healthy, which comes from the lands I’ve traced a portion of my ancestry to, lands with a strong Viking legacy and whose emigrants resettled where we now call home, and whose traditions are now a part of our adoptive state’s identity.

Deconstructed, each piece doesn’t mean much but when put together to create a larger picture, I cannot help but feel like we are meant to be here. The synchronicities connect us to something beyond ourselves, and I find it fascinating how it all seems to simultaneously relate. It's also said that people with a Nordic ancestry have a higher incidence of Type 1 Diabetes diagnoses (WHICH SUCKS).

I don’t know why, but somehow I find a sense of purpose and meaning in all of this.

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