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Our Inaugural Fire

Dear Diary,
I am glad my life didn't go as I had planned.
I am glad I didn't move to New York City (which is a shocking revelation because I do love it).

I'm glad instead, I followed my heart to Iowa.

This year, I checked off a revised aspiration of sorts from my life's To Do List.

I've long envisioned owning land to call my own, honing in on the moment a pair of red-cheeked children return inside from an afternoon on our property, and I'd be ready with plates of snacks to help them refuel.

Then my husband would follow, and we'd retreat to the family room to enjoy each other's company beside a warm fire.

We purchased that patch of land in June, and I'm pleased to report, I just recently lived my dream.

I like the fact that the fireplace is 2-sided and grand, so we can enjoy it in both sitting rooms.

I look forward to many more fireside moments.

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