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Trails For All Seasons

Dear Diary,
This is what cabin fever looks like.

Minnesota has been experiencing a bitter, sting-your-face, burn-your-nostrils, below-zero cold snap as of late. 

It wasn't as bad as the one we experienced a few years ago, when the -60* temperature prompted the governor to close every school in the state.

But it was cold, just the same.

Recently, the snap broke.

We enjoyed a near 50-degree rise in the daytime high and this is going to sound pathetic, but the ensuing 30* felt damn near tropical.

We had to get out of the house.

To the trails!

We received snow shoes as a family Christmas gift, making the enjoyment of our property possible in all seasons.

Our backyard was a winter wonderland.

A frozen masterpiece.

With plenty of animal tracks to study and try to identify!

Trust that winter remains my least favorite, but I've loved seeing what Mother Nature does to our land in all of her seasonal glory.

"We're out to discover!" 

Maddie: "I step, but I don't sink. This just blows my mind!" 

And of course, a frozen pink sunset ...

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