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'The Big One' of 2018

Dear Diary,
If close to 2 feet of snow falls on your property and you didn't take pictures for a blog post, did it truly happen?

I (wo)man-handled my husband's beast of a snow thrower to cut a path for our escape.

The kids had a scheduled day off on Monday, then the school district closed on Tuesday, so we were a little stir crazy.

(Lady was beside herself with the snow banks that she disappeared in.)

What struck me, was the deafening silence that followed this snow storm. Weather reports stated 1-2" fell an hour, and the onslaught continued for nearly the entire day.

MinneSNOWta earned its nickname.


  1. Jealous of all of your snow! Send some to New York ;)

    1. I'll gladly send some your way! It was fun to feel like I was living in a snow globe for about 5 minutes, then I realized I had a foot and a half of snow to clear :(

      Thanks for reading!