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January Thaw

Dear Diary,
As I write this, we are preparing for an incoming storm that is predicted to dump over a foot of snow. The irony of titling a new post to include the word "thaw" was certainly premature on my part.

These pictures were taken during an earlier snowfall, resulting in 3" of fresh powder.

We were visited by a deer overnight, as evidenced by this line of tracks.

Madelyn's skill with our 4-wheeler's manual shifting is greatly improving, and she can ride by herself now.

We found another grouping of stones, and this one is obviously a den of some sort. What's strange to me, is how the stones are stacked. I could be wrong, but unless it's a raccoon den (or some other animal with opposable thumbs), I can't imagine an animal constructing this as so.

Snowball fight!

And apparently, we're now "those" people who burn things in the snow.

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