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How Traveling Inspires Home Decor

Dear Diary,
I follow and am inspired by a home décor/renovation blogger whose aesthetic closely aligns with my personal taste. Not only do I feel like her designs are attainable, they're also incredibly cozy with just enough of a timeless appeal to withstand the passing trend.

I was struggling for a while though, as she had embarked on over 200 days of international travel. I couldn't see how this content related to her bread-and-butter as a home blogger. I couldn't connect them.

Now I can.

The month of December took us to both coasts, where I was inspired by the uplifting colors of sunny San Diego and the historic charm of Boston. The hotel we stayed at had the best representation of an idea I had for our library - I want a wall of custom shelving to fill with books, travel tchotchkes, games and other items that encourage us to take a moment for ourselves, away from screens, and reconnect with each other instead.

I couldn't help but snap a few pictures of the interior that made my heart skip a beat.

(I love the lighting, the misaligned shelves and the wing back chairs.) 

(This grid of antique locks and their keys is very cool.) 

(I'm not sure if this would fit with my vision for our house, but it caught my eye.) 

(Another view of the hotel's library - the animal print is a fun touch!)

These images will no doubt be referred to when Nick and I are ready to move forward.

In the meantime, I've enjoyed traveling (even with our quick turnaround) and am excited about the ideas I've collected.

I'm excited to create a space that catalogs all we have experienced, with accents that represent each memory we've made during that time.

Furthermore, I look forward to seeing how this blogger's travels influence her future home designs.

It all connects.

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