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Back-40 Explorations: Strange Stones

Dear Diary,
Often when the kids and I go for walks out on the trails, I ask leading questions to ignite their imaginations.

What animal do you think visited and left these tracks?

What were they doing here?

And now, with the leaves gone, we are able to see into the wooded areas that were once previously concealed.

If you take the trail furthest to the right and walk up the small hill, you'll come upon a massive boulder with a vast grouping of large, smooth stones. They are isolated to this particular area only, which is peculiar.

(What if? Turn your logic off for a second, and just consider the possibilities.) 

Landen immediately connected this sight to an episode of The Curse of Oak Island, where the McGinnis Foundation was shown. The comparisons between what we saw on TV and at that moment were similar, and confounding.

"What do you think this is, Landen?"

"Maybe an old house?"

We live on one of the last underdeveloped areas of the Twin Cities Metro, so who knows what stories this patch of land could tell.

(This is the view from the top of our plat. Buck Hill is visible, as are the commercial 'for sale' signs trying to influence further development.)

By now, Madelyn lost interest and continued forward to wait by the 4-wheeler. Landen, however, crept into the thicket to photograph and film the discovery.

"Who could have lived here?"

"Maybe settlers. Maybe this was a trading post. Maybe there's treasure here!"

A few more clicks of his shutter, and Landen exited the brush.

"Could we go see Oak Island for ourselves?"

"I would be into that," I replied, remembering the passport applications I needed to finalize for the kids. "Perhaps we could make a long weekend out of it."


By this time, Madelyn had grown impatient and called for us to hurry up. Landen climbed onto the 4-wheeler and pulled it into the shop while Maddie and I walked back towards the house.

Landen was silent for a while when he came inside, and I have no doubt he was considering the possibilities of what could be.

I am too. Even if nothing were to ever become known, I hope we never lose our sense of wonder.

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