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A Sunny Sports Weekend in San Diego, CA

Dear Diary,
This all started with a post card slipped beneath the wiper blade on my car.

Discovered by Landen following one of his games, he read it with intrigue. A select lacrosse team was calling for try-outs. Make the team, and you’ll compete on the national level in California in December.

“Can I do it, Mom?”

We were a couple weeks out, and I told him this was different than playing for his club team. He was going to have to prove to the coaches that he belongs there, and deserves a spot, and he must earn it.

At 10 years old, it would be his first time experiencing such a thing. I knew there was great potential for him to learn very important lessons, so I told him, “if you are absolutely certain this is something you want to do, then I will support you.”

Needless to say, he made the team.

And this past weekend, we flew out to sunny southern California to cheer for Landen as his #1 fans.

We were within 45 minutes of the wildfires, which was an eerie thought to consider, but reassured that officials had the blaze 75% contained. With northerly winds to keep the smoke away, the tournament proceeded as planned. The sky created very interesting backdrops, however, as Landen played three games on Saturday with the Minnesota Chill Youth team before the playoffs on Sunday. 

He was competing against teams from all over the country, and especially the East Coast, where lacrosse is very popular. He made some very good offensive plays to maintain Chill possession, had a few assists, and scored a couple of goals. His team went all the way to play his bracket's Championship game, and though they lost, their final standings were 2nd in his bracket and 5th overall.

“Win or lose, Landen – make the other team remember they played you.”

I know I’ll never forget it.

Per usual, I had my camera with me to funnel my emotions and energy as Landen played. I managed to capture quite a bit of action.

We were in California Thursday – Sunday, and with it, came a welcome opportunity to recharge and refocus. I also welcomed the warm sun, 70* weather and ocean breeze that blew in from the Pacific. Landen had a very tight, very team-oriented itinerary, so it was just the three of us when we weren’t at the sports complex.

I imagine this will not be our only lacrosse-related travel experience, as Landen has expressed such joy and gratitude for this opportunity. When it was time to board a return flight home, he did so with pride.

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